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How to boost Male Fertility

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Before doing the do’s to boost the male fertility we need to know the don’ts. As we know 75 days for a set of sperms to undergo changes and to be ready to be released any changes that happen in our body during this 2 ½ months will have some impact on the quality of sperms.

The main negative factor for sperm so the high body temperature. So try to keep the body temperature at lower level by taking plenty of fluids, cool water bath, wearing loose cotton inner wears, Avoid wearing tight jeans, don’t use laptop by keeping it on the lap.

There was a study conducted in America which says that taking 2 coffees per day can itself compromise the sperm quality. In such a case think of the negative influence provided by alcohol and smoking
The second negative factor of sperm is free oxygen radical. So take plenty of antioxidants which are present in fruits vegetable and sprouts.

Avoid fast foods and our native food habits which is a mixture of all pulses and cereals can provide the micronutrients very much needed for sperm function



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