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The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) reports that the most common cancer in Indian females is cancer of the cervix, breast, mouth/pharynx and esophagus.

Type of Cancer

  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Cervix Cancer
  3. Other types of Cancers
  4. Factors for Cancer
  5. Effects of cancer

Breast Cancer

An extensive study reveals that breast cancer is more prevalent in urban Indian women. Breast cancer is the leading cancer in females as shown in the hospital registers from the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The projected estimated number of breast cancer cases in India by 2020 is approximately

1, 23, 534, which means breast cancer will take an unprecedented prominence in the near future. The global average is 500000 cases per year and India contributes nearly 5% of that.

Cervix Cancer

In south India the most prevalent cancer is the cervix cancer. The global average is 500000 cases per year and India contributes nearly 5% of that. Through concerted efforts of the government and social organizations there is a decrease in the number of incidences but generally the gynaecologic cancers have seen an increase and contribute around 30% to the total cancers in women. The cervix cancer is closely followed by the ovarian cancer and corpus uteri which affect a large number of women.

Other types of Cancers

The other types of cancer have cancer of the digestive system where around 90,000 females get afflicted yearly. The major three cancers are stomach cancers, esophagus cancers and colon cancers.

Esophagus cancer is most prevalent in South India with Karnataka leading the way. Age adjusted esophageal cancers seen in females of Banagalore area is one of the highest in the world. Cancer of the stomach also has high incidence in South India including Chennai and Bangalore.

Factors for Cancer

There are many risk factors for cancers which includes genetic, environmental and life style factors including tobacco use, alcohol consumption and infections like HIV. Tobacco contributes to 10 – 15%

cases of cancer in women. Many of the cancers are associated with diet. After a study it was found that consuming large amounts of red chillies, eating very hot food and consuming alcohol are the main causes for Indian women getting these cancers.

Cervical cancer is the only cancer that can be caused by a virus (Huma Papilloma Virus) so vaccine is available against cervical cancer.

Effects of cancer

The negative effects of cancer in Indian women are far greater than mere no of cancer cases. Once a woman is diagnosed with cancer it causes emotional trauma followed by the cost of the treatment causes mounting debts and economic disarray. If the women is working then it affects the economic stability of the household.

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