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Renal Medicine (Nephrology) deals with entire spectrum of renal diseases. The Department of Nephrology at Prashanth Multispeciality Hospitals is headed by Dr. T. Balasubramanian M.D., D.M(Nephrology). Our Department provides excellent care in various divisions of Nephrology like clinical nephrology, Dialysis care and Renal Transplantation.


Kidney are bean-shaped organs which are located (retroperitoneally) at the loin. The basic compartments of kidneys are glomerular, tubular, interstitial and vascular. Disorders of these compartments may manifest as various presentations. Early detection and effective treatment will prevent progression to frank renal failure. By using various modalities like simple urine analysis, renal biopsy to sophisticated modern technologies, we detect renal diseases at its earliest stage and induct our patients into effective preventive and scientifically proven treatment protocols to prevent renal failure.


Kidney failure may be an acute (temporary) event or chronic (permanent failure) process. Patients with renal failure will require dialysis when kidney failure is severe (Called uraemia). Patients may require dialytic support to prevent fatal complications (Like Pulmonary oedema, Hyponatremia, Hyperkalemia, Metabolic Encephalopathy, Pericarditis). We have in Prashanth Multispeciality Hospitals brand new Haemodialysis machines in our department (GAMBRO AK200) to provide smooth comfortable 24 Hours dialysis care for all elective as well as emergency patients. For patients with low BP we do CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) at our department to enable the patients to receive lot of fluids.

For patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, we institute step care therapy according to the stage of disease. During pre-ESRD stage (Stage I,II,III) all the conservative measures (medical treatment) will be offered which include hypertension control, adequate glycemic control, control of calcium / phosphorus level and anemia treatment. Patients will also be counselled for renal replacement therapy options (Haemodialysis, Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and transplantation). For patients who prefer haemodialysis we register and put them on weekly twice or thrice in Maintenance Haemodialysis Schedule (MHD). The MHD unit is well maintained with HITECH RO plant, well-experienced and dedicated dialysis technicians and paramedical staffs. On behalf of our Nephrology Department at Prashanth Multispeciality Hospitals, We request you all to utilize our MHD unit to experience and enjoy our excellent care.
Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis is another good option for chronic Kidney Disease patients. Our team will counsel and educate chronic Kidney Disease patients by which patients can have their dialysis at their home itself.


Renal Transplantation is an ideal option for CKD patients. We provide excellent follow-up care at our transplantation clinic. Post transplantation complications related to immuno suppression / infection will also be dealt with at our renal transplantation clinic.