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A surgical Gastroenterologist and a Laparoscopic surgeon who runs an efficient gastroenterologist unit and also an Andrology service for Prashanth Fertility Research Centre. He takes care of conselling the male partner, assessing them and treating them medically and surgically if necessary. He is an expert in retrieving sperm from azoospermic men. Completed the Fellowship Examination at Royal College of Glasgow, London. Senior Under Officer in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry.

He has proved that it is possible to get even Azoospermic men father babies by specialized technique TESA – ICSI. Distinction in Shooting, Mountaineering, Bionet Training and Rope Climbing. Adjudged as All India Best Cadet in Republic Day Parade and successfully conducted Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Regiment at Prime Minister Rally in New Delhi. Para Trooper of Indian Army. Completed FIVE Parachute jumps.


  • Worked in King College Hospital, UK, which is world renowned for its Liver Transplant Unit.
  • Worked in Royal Mardsen Hospital, UK , a Centre for Excellence for cancer related diseases.
  • Worked in the St. Barts Hospital, UK known for Reproductive Medicine.
  • Consultant with Apollo Hospital, Greams Road, Chennai from 2000 to 2003.
  • Delivered lectures in National and International Forums.
  • Underwent training for “Essentials of Laparoscopic Surgery” at Cuschieri, University of Dundee.
  • Worked at the Royal Survey Hospital, UK where he managed many difficult cases effectively.
  • He was associated with Prof M E Bailey in teaching Advanced level laparoscopic surgery to other surgeons.
  • Worked as an Asst Surgeon in T N Govt. Medical Service in the Department of Surgery and Gastroenterology.
  • He is the H O D for the Department of Gastroenterology in Prashanth Hospitals and also successfully runs the Andrology clinic for the Fertility Unit.
  • Being a surgeon of repute in Gastroenterology, he handles all major gastro cases including cancer related cases as well.
  • He counsels the male partner, assesses them and treats them medically as well as surgically, if needed.
  • He has specialised in retrieving sperms from the testis by the TESA-ICSI method even if the patient is azoospermic and has been able to give the Joy of Fatherhood to many men.


  • He was the First Indian Medical Paratrooper.
  • He was awarded “BEST DOCTOR” by Dr M G R Medical Univerity, TamilNadu