International Patient

International PATIENT

Prashanth Fertility Research Centre –The international destination for surrogacy treatment has delivered 322 babies through surrogacy as of date. Patients come for treatment from all countries where surrogacy is recognized.

Prashanth Fertility Research Centre IVF makes it easy for couples living outside India to come for treatment. We provide an extensive range of services in a friendly and personal manner, and work in cooperation with your local doctor so that your time spent in India is kept to a minimum.

Step 1 : Enquiry
Step 2 : 24 Hours – Online Consultation
Step 3: Reviews and Reporting
Step 4: Planning a Trip
Step 5: Booking & Support
Step 6: Arrival, Registration & Admission
Step 7: Consultation with the infertility expert
Step 8: Accommodation & Support
Step 9: Treatment & Recuperation
Step 10: Follow up & Support

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