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How is semen analysis done

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Semen analysis should be done after 3 days of abstinenee

The private parts should be cleaned thought before collecting See to that initial few ejaculated should not get spilled as it contains the maximum number of sperms If some find it difficult to collect the sample by masturbation they can collect it by coitus interruptus. The sample should reach the lab as early as possible at the most less than 30 minutes While transportation try to carry the sample at body temperature either by keeping it within the hand or by keeping it inside the shirt to give the warmth to the sample If you collect sample after long duration of abstinence, you will get a false positive result of more immotile and dead sperm If taken less than 2 days abstinence the volume of sperms may be minimal. Note : the most important clinical point is, if semen analysis is abnormal, it needs to be confirmed with another analysis within a month or two.



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