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What things increase the women’s risk of infertility?

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The increased incidence of PCOS in young reproductive women is mainly secondary to obesity, sedentary life style and increased intake of fast foods which need to be avoided

We can understood the effect of obesity on PCOS by every fact that if PCOS patients reduces 5% of her present body weight (for 3kg in a women if 60kg and 4kg in a women of 80kg) the blood supply to the ovaries may get increased to ten times the present situation. Naturally the medicine we give will reach the target oxygen (The Ovaries) more effectively.

The second most common cause which increase the infertilityis sexually transmitted infections.by improving the personal hygiene and getting the help of gynecologist at the appropriate time can take care of this

The third common cause is postponing the fertility too much due to other commitments till the ovarian reserves become limited which can happen in early 30’s very rarely at late 20’s we are not aware that the biological clock is ticking and nature uses all good quality eggs earlier in the reproduction age group.



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