Urology - Prashanth Fertility Research Center - IVF


Urology Department of Urology is fully capable of managing all Urological problems including complex ones. We perform all forms of Endoscopic procedures (Pcarendoscopy,Pcel) to tackle stones in kidney, ureter & bladder. Metabolic work up test is also being done to evaluate the cause for stone formation.Urological oncology work is also in full swing where we are capable of tackling all urological malignancies, including KUB, Prostate, Penis & Testis.

Urology State of art treatment for stress urinary incontinence is being carried – TVT, TOT, Procedures. Benign disease of Prostate (BPH) is also taken care of by Endoscopic method. Skulute Urethra management is also state of art with all forms of endoscopic &Urethroplasties being done (including, Bineal graft urethroplasty). Special Ops are there to cater to the needs of men who have erectile dysfunction & the latest is being offered as treatment / including prosthesis.