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What fertility treatment should our fertility doctor perform

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For the female partner, they will do a basic hormonal workup which include FSH,Prolactin, Free T3, Free T4, and TSH they are usualy done in either D2 or D3 preferably in the morning empty stomach. Nowadays AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) it is also done as it is the only direct indicator for ovarian egg reserve. We come across many patients with impending ovarian failure even at early 30’s

A pelvic sean is also needed to rule out any pathology in fibroids adenomyosis etc and to diagnose polycystic ovaries and also few care of gross hydrosalphinx
Antral follicle count measured during scan done on D2 of cycles can give useful information regarding the ovarian egg reserve and also decide the type of ovarian stimulation needed

Hysterosalpingogram( X-ray with a dye) need to be done definitely before going for IVD.it can give clear ideas about whether tube is patent or whether It is damaged leading into fluid collection within it ( Hydrosalphinx)

The workup for both partners will be complete only after doing the basic workup like hemoglobin, blood sugar, renal function test, screening test like HIVand routine analysis regarding the male partner in addition to the basic workup we need to do the semen analysis

If it tune out to be abnormal, we need to carry over the hormonal workup like FSH, LH, TSH,Prolactin and testosterone

You may need a scrotal Scan- Doppler to confirm the clinically diagnosedvaricocele

In case of long duration of infertility or previous failed attempts without any identifiable cause, we need to go ahead with sperm DNA fragmentation test which can shoe the genetic integrity of sperm , the factor that cannot be diagnosed in routine semen analysis



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