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Leucorrhoea or white discharge does not develop all of a sudden. Apart from the normal occurrence during puberty or sexual excitement at times, it is an indication that something is wrong with your body or reproductive system.

Reasons for Abnormal Discharge

Leucorrhoea denotes a devitalized and toxic condition of the system. The condition involves just one or multiple organs of the body.

Whenever our body is loaded with toxins and the eliminatory organs such as the skin, bowels and lungs are unable to expel these toxins the body will try to flush them through the mucous membrane of the uterus and vagina in the form of leucorrhoea. In the case of serious inflammatory conditions of the organs, there will be pus formation and the leucorrhoea will have bad odour with colour variation from cream to light green or yellow.

Chronic Gonorrhea

The leucorrhoea due to chronic gonorrhea is considered to be abnormal discharge.  In mature women a profuse yellowish discharge accompanied by burning during urination, may be the result of chronic gonorrhea. The infection may sometimes follow the birth of a child, due to damage of the cervix during pregnancy. This is aggravated by prolonged illness, anxiety, neurosis, sedentary lifestyle and standing for long hours. If not treated properly the infection spreads to other genital organs.

Due to Chills

Leucorrhoea will occur due to chills. Chills usually cause the inflammation of the womb and vaginal membranes. Other reasons may be the displacement of the uterus or unhygienic conditions which cause the bacteria to infect genital organs.

Seeking Treatment

When there is pain, odour and discoloration in the white discharge then it’s time to take it seriously. It is always best to seek medical help or consult your doctor since it may be an indication of some serious disease.

Steps to prevent abnormal leucorrhoea

The following steps can to an extent prevent the occurrence of leucorrhoea.

  1. Good hygiene and cleanliness during menstrual cycles etc
  2. Good dietary habits, proper sleep, exercise and lots of fresh air

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